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Electrolux under counter dishwasher -standard

Electrolux Green & Clean undercounter dishwasher - Model 400153

Ideal for small and medium sized restaurants, hotels and quick service pubs and bars.

GREEN: Less water, energy, detergent and rinse aid consumption for lower running costs and less impact on environment.
CLEAN: best in class washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal.
SILENT: Best in class for low noise level thanks to the double skin insulated wall.

SAFE: Unique WASH-SAFE CONTROL device for a constant nominal rinsing temperature of 84degrees.


Atmospheric Drain Pump
Rinse Booster Pump
Detergent dispenser
Rinse aid dispenser
500mm racks
Basket capacity 48/h
Double skinned insulated door
Power –total 5.35kw 400 V, 3N, 50. Convertible to 230 V / 1+N
External dimensions - 600mm x 610mm x 820mm
1x Cutlery container
1x Basket for 18 plates


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