Commercial Kitchen Equipment Appliances


You have a refrigerator, an oven with burner range, a deep fryer, a grill and an exhaust hood already on your list of kitchen equipment items that you need to purchase. Is there something missing? Consider the following items which are mandatory for the successful food service business.

Kitchen Equipment: A Microwave Is a Must

This appliance is a real life saver in many situations. It allows you to defreeze all sorts of frozen items easily and quickly without their texture and succulence being affected in any way. It is ideal for melting butter and solid blocks of chocolate. They get a soft smooth texture without being heated to a high temperature. This is crucial for the making of various kinds of desserts.

In some cases, if it is absolutely necessary, you can use this piece of kitchen equipment to reheat food. It is true that this is not a recommended practice, but sometimes, you have no other choice. It is best to be fully prepared for such situations.

Choose the right microwave oven for your commercial kitchen very carefully. It should be fairly large to accommodate frozen poultry and similar big products. It should give you a variety of work modes to pick from. Needless to say, a well-working timer is a must.

Kitchen Equipment: Food Mixers and Processors

Food mixers are invaluable for the preparation of pastry and different kinds of desserts. It is true that you can do everything by hand. However, a mixer does everything much more effectively than a person. It is much quicker as well. You can readily go for a multi-functional appliance that comes with its own bowl and has a dough hook which is invaluable for the preparation of all sorts of breads.

The food processor is one of the most functional pieces of kitchen equipment. You can use it to make all kinds of salad dressings and sauces for dishes. It allows you to chop virtually any vegetable into pieces of the desired size. It saves you time and effort. If you want your commercial kitchen to have greater productivity, you should definitely add this item to your shopping list.

You can follow simple rules when buying food mixers and processors. The more functions these items have the better. The appliances have to be easy and simple to work with as well as totally safe. They need to be strong and durable.

Be a savvy buyer when it comes to purchasing kitchen equipment. Go for the appliance that offers the best value for the budget that you have at hand.


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