Quality Catering Equipment


What Should I Look for in Quality Catering Equipment

Stainless Steel Equipment

When purchasing catering equipment, you should look for serving, storage and cookware items like portable grills that are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong so it will last you through many years of heavy use, without altering the flavour of your food. Stainless steel is also easy to clean, which is especially important if you have to wash and reuse items like trays and tongs. Purchasing all stainless steel also helps to create a uniform look for your catering company that will make you appear more professional as well.

Uniform Look

Buying cups, plates and bowls for serving can be tricky. It might seem like a good idea to buy different colours and styles, but this will create an unorganized look when you serve food and drinks if you can’t afford to buy large sets of different types of dinnerware. Instead, stick to high-quality, basic equipment that will work in all situations. Most caterers opt for white so the dinnerware won’t alter the presentation of their food.

Buy Quality Used Equipment

Purchasing used equipment can save you a great deal of money. High quality catering supplies will last for a very long time, and as long as you inspect the items you are buying for damage, nobody will be able to tell the difference between new and used equipment after a few uses.

Consider Finance Options Available

Many catering companies have to ask themselves, at least at the outset, whether or not they can purchase or have the option of financing catering equipment. Owning your own may save you money in the long run, but financing has its benefits as well. Midway Catering Equipment has a range of easy finance options to help you get started. To talk to us about finance options you can enquire online or call us directly on (NZ) 0508 999 999 or 06 759 7999.

Some catering supply companies, like Midway Catering Equipment, also offer wholesale rates on high quality new and used equipment. Bulk orders on wholesale rates can save you a great deal of money helping you manage your budget more effectively.


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